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Why you Need Professionals For Asbestos Abatement

Posted by on October 16, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Why you Need Professionals For Asbestos Abatement

When you are buying a new home, one of the most stressful things you go through is a home inspection. That is especially true for older homes, which run the risk of having asbestos. If your home inspector finds asbestos in your future home, then you’ll need to take action using an asbestos abatement professional.


Asbestos is a group of minerals that occur naturally in the environment as a bundle of fibers that can be separated into thin, and durable threads. What made asbestos so appealing to use in the past is the fact that it was resistant to heat, fire, chemicals, and did not conduct electricity. Due to these benefits, it was used throughout homes from insulation, to drywall, and vinyl tiles.

However, years later, it was discovered that asbestos fibers could dislodge themselves and if you were to breathe them in, they would settle in your lungs. These fibers would remain stagnant causing inflammation and scarring, leading to lung problems and more even cancer. That serious health danger is why asbestos needs to be removed by professionals.

Asbestos Abatement

Put you need professionals to come and remove the asbestos from your home to make sure you don’t dislodge fibers during the removal and endanger yourself and others. The professionals at Environmental 911 are licensed, certified, and insured to perform asbestos abatement. Professionals not only wear protective gear, but take every precaution to remove the asbestos to avoid letting those fibers loose into the air.

By safely removing the asbestos from your home, you can take a deep breath knowing that your home is safe, and free from cancer-causing materials. You never want to tackle removing asbestos on your home by yourself – always call in the professionals.

Let the experts do their work, so you can live happier and healthier. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us.