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Mold Remediation and Removal in La Canada, CA

Construction 911 has been providing La Canada Mold Remediation and Removal services residents and business owners can trust since 1999. La Canada properties can be threatened by the damaging effects of mold that may be a result of minor leaks or humidity within the home. The existence of mold is a detrimental matter that needs immediate intervention and expert attention. For fifteen years, our team of skilled and experienced professionals has been coming to the rescue with the proper remediation and removal of threatening mold throughout La Canada, California.

We know how upsetting the discovery of mold within your La Canada home or business can be. As skilled industry professionals, we take the time to explain the process of mold remediation and removal, while educating our clients about the threats of the possibly harmful growths within the property. Mold has been known to cause a wide variety of adverse health effects on residents living within a home threatened by mold. The presence of mold is generally linked to damp conditions, humidity or water damage.

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Our technicians are certified to the highest industry standards and we insist on state-of-the-art equipment.
Most importantly, we have a diversified team that can manage your entire project from start to finish.

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Mold Remediation and Removal In La Canada, CAMold overgrowth caused by water damage or other environmental conditions has been known to pose health hazard to humans, including allergic reactions and respiratory issues. It is essential to keep a close watch on the condition of your property for potential mold overgrowth. La Canada home and business owners should especially watch out for signs of hidden mold growth after an environmental disaster such as a major storm or flood. Mold can often be found behind paneling or wallpaper, hidden under tiles, under carpets, in piping inside walls, or on the backside of drywall. Discovering and properly removing mold takes professional care and experience.

Our team is certified and insured to provide mold and bacteria remediation services in La Canada. This process involves identifying the location and extent of the mold hazard in homes or offices, and moving on to proper and professional mold remediation. Our highly trained crew members are skilled in the meticulous process of clean up and removal to eliminate the hazardous mold from any structure. Construction 911 only uses industry-approved techniques to remove mold and bacteria sufficiently and restore your structure properly in order to ensure that mold overgrowth is no longer a concern that is threatening the condition of your home and health and safety of your family.

When the existence of mold is threatening your La Canada home and the health and safety of your family, Construction 911 will be there to come to the rescue. Our technicians are certified to the highest industry standards, and we insist on state-of-the-art equipment. Most importantly, we have a diversified team that can manage your entire project from start to finish.

Construction 911 is pleased to provide emergency rescue services from disaster to remodel throughout the Southern California area, including La Canada and surrounding cities. We are a licensed insured and certified hazard removal company specializing in the secure and thorough removal of asbestos, mold, and other bacteria. We do not leave until your La Canada home or office is restored to a safe and healthy environment. Beyond that, we can perform the repairs necessary after the removal.

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