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24/7 Emergency Services


Construction 911 has the expertise required to secure a structure with shoring after a disaster or during renovations and construction. Our team has extensive experience in identifying beams, floors, columns and walls that require support, and installing the appropriate system to prevent a collapse.


Without proper shoring, a building that has suffered structural damage is not only hazardous, it begins a domino-effect of disrepair that gets more expensive by the minute. Our emergency construction team understands the urgency of structural integrity and we specialize in the rapid installation of temporary supports to protect your investment.

In addition to emergency shoring, we provide the full range of emergency services to secure your building, including roof covers and board-up services. Once shores are in place and your structure is stable, Construction 911 can help you begin the reconstruction process. From mold remediation to cabinetry, as a full-service general contractor we can manage your project down to the final touches on your remodel.