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Speedy Water Damage Mitigation is Your First Priority in a Flood Damage

Damage from the effects of rushing water is a fact of life in Southern California.  Rainy seasons are often intense and storm damage is a probable occurrence, particularly in years when El Nino weather patterns are at their height. As in other areas of the county, inclement weather is not the only cause of water damage in homes and businesses. Plumbing failures can happen to anyone at anytime, and although resulting damage is likely to be less, appropriate action on the part of the property owner is still important to minimize flooding impacts. Below is a step-by-step plan to assist your restoration contractor and mitigate further property destruction. Shut off electrical breakers in areas where damage has occurred. This should be done, even if power is off on the grid to minimize electrical accident potential. Shut off your water main or, in the case of plumbing damage, close just the water source causing the damage. Contact us for 24-hour service, 7 days per week. The sooner you call, the more likely your property will be saved and rehabilitated. Remove items in your home that can stain floor coverings. These items include plants, footwear and printed materials. Place aluminum foil or other non-staining materials under furniture legs to prevent staining of floor or carpet. If window coverings and furniture skirts are touching water, lift and fasten their lower edges to allow drying and keep them from further moisture. Avoid walking on affected areas to prevent damage spread. Seeking speedy assistance from responsive flood damage restoration professionals in your area can save construction and belongings that otherwise may be...

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Why a Burst Pipe in Your Home Demands Fast Action

When you live in an apartment or condo, having a burst pipe can be quite disastrous as you need to get someone who has the authority to turn the water off to the building. However, this also makes it inconvenient for other tenants as they will be left without running water until the problem is resolved. As a homeowner, a burst pipe in your home is not as problematic, but it does require fast action to keep damage to a minimum. Turn the Water Off Immediately It is crucial to know where the water shutoff value is in your home. Once you notice that a pipe has burst, the first thing you need to do is quickly, but safely get to where the water shutoff valve is and turn it off. Minimize Damage Caused The main goal in turning the water off is to stop the water from flowing and spreading through your home. As long as you are at home when this happens, you should be able to avoid substantial property damage. Get Professional Help Hiring a professional is the most effective and reliable way to deal with this type of problem. The water that made its way out of the plumbing system will continue to damage your home, so emergency cleanup is essential. It is crucial to remove the water quickly and then assess the situation to determine the next step. Depending on the severity of the problem, it could be a decently long project to get your home back to normal. If you ever need help with emergency cleanup or water damage repair, please contact...

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What to Do When Renovations Require Mold Remediation and Removal

When you own a house, you plan to make it into the best possible home for your family. Often homeowners scrimp and save to be able to do a major renovation that will transform the home into their dream. Unfortunately, there are always a few bumps in the road when renovating a house, and  discovering mold is a common one. When that happens, contact a reputable mold remediation and removal company right away. What usually happens is you’re doing a little demo and you discover something that looks questionable. You’re tempted to keep going with the project, hoping it’s not mold. But at this point, you need to consider your family, and know that ignoring a mold problem will not make it go away. In fact, the one thing we do know is that mold is a living, growing organism, so it’s only going to get bigger, and with that usually come respiratory problems. So instead of covering up the issue, call in some experts to determine whether the problem is, actually mold. Those with experience can sometimes tell just from looking at it, and other times it’s necessary to run a few tests. You might get lucky and it turns out to be just some discoloration or staining, but at least you’ll know. If it turns out you do have mold, then it needs to be dealt with accordingly. That means evacuating the space and having mold remediation specialists deal with the problem. It’s a process, and every situation is different, but you can rest assured that it will be fixed and air quality tests performed so you know it’s safe to come back into your home. Every renovation has some extra costs that pop up, and mold remediation is a common one. While no homeowner wants to have to deal with unexpected expenses, it’s part of owning a home. In these situations, most people are happy to have the peace of mind that they are living in a house free from mold issues. If you have concerns about mold in your house, contact us for a quick and thorough...

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Why you Need Professionals For Asbestos Abatement

When you are buying a new home, one of the most stressful things you go through is a home inspection. That is especially true for older homes, which run the risk of having asbestos. If your home inspector finds asbestos in your future home, then you’ll need to take action using an asbestos abatement professional. Asbestos Asbestos is a group of minerals that occur naturally in the environment as a bundle of fibers that can be separated into thin, and durable threads. What made asbestos so appealing to use in the past is the fact that it was resistant to heat, fire, chemicals, and did not conduct electricity. Due to these benefits, it was used throughout homes from insulation, to drywall, and vinyl tiles. However, years later, it was discovered that asbestos fibers could dislodge themselves and if you were to breathe them in, they would settle in your lungs. These fibers would remain stagnant causing inflammation and scarring, leading to lung problems and more even cancer. That serious health danger is why asbestos needs to be removed by professionals. Asbestos Abatement Put you need professionals to come and remove the asbestos from your home to make sure you don’t dislodge fibers during the removal and endanger yourself and others. The professionals at Environmental 911 are licensed, certified, and insured to perform asbestos abatement. Professionals not only wear protective gear, but take every precaution to remove the asbestos to avoid letting those fibers loose into the air. By safely removing the asbestos from your home, you can take a deep breath knowing that your home is safe, and free from cancer-causing materials. You never want to tackle removing asbestos on your home by yourself – always call in the professionals. Let the experts do their work, so you can live happier and healthier. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact...

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Water Damage: Total Repair For A Functional Kitchen

The occasional torrential rain causes a great deal of damage to homes and roads. Fortunately, these events do not happen every day. Water line breaks in the kitchen occur more often and do considerable damage. After shutting off the water, damage assessment is the next step before doing the water damage repair. Damage Assessment When a flood occurs for any reason, it is always important to discover all damage the water has done to the home. Kitchen cabinets that look good on the outside may harbor water damage on the inside. Check the backs and bottoms of these cabinets as soon as possible after the water stops. Cabinets, appliances and flooring may need replacement as soon as possible for a usable kitchen. Total Kitchen Recovery Once water damage occurs, there is the process of cleaning out the water and reconstruction. Choosing the right company to do this cuts down on the time it takes to get life back to normal. Selecting a company that does the job from start to finish makes the work easier. A company that specializes in total restoration, from the event through the end, means dealing with one contractor. This saves time and effort. Local Or Large There are many options for choosing a restoration contractor after flooding. Large stores advertise their selection and sales. They further inform potential customers there are installation options available. Local contractors have the same services available. Smaller local companies are sometimes overlooked, yet they do offer many affordable choices, quality workmanship and more convenient installation services. When a flood hits, and you have water damage, take the time to shop local. Consider workmanship provided by a company that does restoration from start to finish. If your home has flooded for any reason, please contact...

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House Fire Restoration Services Help So. Californians Weather Fall Disasters

Dryer lint, faulty space heaters, turkey fryers, creosote-choked fireplaces and burning piles of fall leaves all have the potential to set a house on fire. Unfortunately once those types of fires start, seasonal winds may kick in and make them exceptionally hard to stop. And once the flames take hold, there is no doubt that property owners will need some form of house fire restoration services after the blaze is extinguished. Every blaze is inherently unique. So, no two, house fire restoration jobs are going to be handled in the same way. Let’s take high-oxygen fires as examples. Clean up generally requires the use of low-alkali products whereas low-oxygen fire damage demands just the opposite. They are very effective at removing the following: Grease and Thick Dirt Burnt on Particles and Odors Bacteria and Stains However, they have a tendency to damage some materials. Examples include aluminum, fabrics and certain latex paints. Plus, they don’t always mix well with other substances (e.g. bleach and suppressant gels). So, toxic fumes and explosions may occur in those instances. Therefore, manufacturers of most commercial grade solutions only sell their products to house fire restoration experts. Also, keep in mind that low and high-alkali products are two of many resources house fire restoration companies may dip into during the course of their work. Some situations are so bad, that they require a variety of blasting, steaming and washing methods to get all remnants of the fire removed. Examples include dry ice, rubber, sand and sodium bicarbonate blasting solutions. To find out which cleaning products are needed to revive certain areas of a burnt out home or business, please contact Construction 911. We’re available around-the clock, year-round to answer Southern California property owners’ disaster related questions. Call our house fire restoration professionals toll-free or reach out to them online,...

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