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El Nino Storms May Not be Over Yet: Prepare Your Home for Heavy Rains

This winter, record-breaking rainstorms have been commonplace in Southern California. The storms are mostly due to the ramp-up of the El Nino current, which has been fueling heavy rainfall across the entire southwest. The storms have been flooding streets, causing mudslides and damage to area homes. Though the rain has offered solutions to the four-year-long drought, it’s also been causing extensive damage in flood-prone areas. Experts Predict It’s Not Over Yet In addition to flood damage in areas of southern California and Arizona, El Nino may also be responsible for the unusual winter tornadoes that have been occurring in the southeast. Experts have noted the correlation between the strength of El Nino this winter and the higher than average tornado rates across Kansas, Mississippi, and Florida. Unfortunately, the worst may not be over. The National Weather Service is predicting that California will see a wetter than average spring this year. The Climate Prediction Center suggests that another big storm is on its way sometime in March. Preparing Your Home for Heavy Rains Though there is little you can do in the event of a flood, aside from getting to safety, there are a few ways to prepare for heavy rainfall: Make sure your roof is in good condition before the rains come. Look for signs of sagging, previous storm damage, and aging. If you notice any problems, don’t wait to get them fixed. Keeping your gutters clean is one of the most important aspects of protecting your roof. A clogged gutter will allow water to seep into the roofing system and walls of your home, eventually causing mold and compromising structural integrity. Clean your gutters regularly and add a wire mesh cap to keep leaves out of the downspout. Consider cutting down or trimming back overhanging trees. Heavy rains and strong winds can snap branches, downing power lines and causing damage to your roof. As Southern California residents brace for another surge of rain storms, stay safe and keep these tips in mind. Construction 911 provides emergency repair and rescue services. Contact us today for questions or help with...

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Don’t Skimp When It Comes to Mold Remediation and Removal

When it comes to mold remediation and removal, some people try to save money in the present, but this can lead to long-term problems if you’re not fully removing mold. Scrubbing your walls free of mold might look like you’re mold-free, but mold might still be lurking beneath those surfaces. That’s why it’s important to hire professionals to deal with your mold problem, even if it costs more or takes more time than you originally planned for. Mold removers will effectively remove mold from porous materials, including your walls and flooring. Removing mold might be a larger job than you originally anticipated. Who better than the professionals to do it right? The benefits of hiring someone who does the job right the first time are well worth the price. When left unchecked, mold can spread and can lead to breathing problems, including respiratory infections. Children and the elderly are especially at risk, and mold can be more problematic for your family if they have breathing conditions such as asthma. Watery eyes and irritated skin can also be indicators that you have a mold problem in your house, even if you can’t see it. Of course, mold can return if your home breeds moisture, and the person who persons your mold remediation service might suggest products to use or steps to take to prevent mold from becoming a problem in the future. This includes drywall and paint that are mold-resistant as well as using a humidifier in spaces, such as basements, that tend to be damp. Contact us today if you are in need of mold removal...

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Have Your Water Damage Repair Done By A Good Company

When water damage happens to your place, you will need a good company to fix things. You will need a good company to work on things for you, so that your place can get back to normal as soon as possible. A good company will do the water damage repair in the right way, and you should make sure to find the right company to work for you, so that you can feel good about all that they will do. Finding The Right Company The first thing that you should do when trying to find the right company to do your water damage repair is to take a look at the companies in your area and see which one you feel you can trust the most. Trust is important, and if you feel that there is a company that stands out above the rest as being trustworthy, then you should hire them to work for you. Getting The Work Done Have the water damage repair done as soon as the damage occurs, so that you can know that no more damage will happen. Get a good company on the job immediately, and everything will get done well. It is important that you have the right company work on your water damage repair, and we are that company. There is no better company out there that does this kind of thing than ours. Contact us and you will get the best care. We are a company that will work hard to get your repairs...

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Hidden Water Leaks May Be Costing You A Lot Of Money

Has your water bill mysteriously shot up over the past few months? You may not be aware of it, but there may just be underground water leaks that are to blame. Hidden far from the sight of human eyes, underground water leaks drain out large amounts of water, and can cause tremendous financial loss. Having water leaks is no fun. Hidden water leaks can grow and grow, and if left unattended, can expand to massive proportions. And as the water leak grows, so does your water bill. Fortunately, there is a solution. There are services that can expertly detect hidden water leaks, pinpoint their exact location, and take care of them efficiently and effectively. Hidden water leaks are not the only water leaks that are problematic. “Simple” small leaks in pipes around the house can literally take control of your life. Plunking a bucket under a ceiling leak or under that leaky sink may be a fine short-term solution, but not only will the problem just get worse, as the leak will only get bigger, not smaller, but it is impossible to live a normal lifestyle with leaks in the house. With a leak in the house, you can never go off and enjoy a night in a hotel. You constantly need to monitor the leak and someone must always be around to empty that bucket. Whether your water bill has reached massive proportions recently, or you have a water leak that is taking over your life, know that your suffering is totally unnecessary and avoidable. Contact us and we will restore your pipes to brand...

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Does Your Old House Harbor Asbestos?

Older houses offer a certain charm that new homes often lack. They don’t feature the cookie cutter design that residences in new construction tracts have but boast a unique, distinctive appearance. Many people often think that older construction methods were better than modern-day building practices. However, if your dream home is an older house, built prior to 1980, there is significant chance that it may contain asbestos. Building materials in older houses often harbor dangerous asbestos-filled materials. It is not uncommon to find asbestos in older floor tiles, roof shingles, flooring, ceiling tiles, siding, insulation, pipe cement, and joint compound used in sheet rock. Asbestos that is not disturbed does not pose a health hazard, but during renovations the dust of the asbestos material becomes airborne. If the home’s ceilings contain asbestos, the simple oscillating movements of a ceiling fan is frequently enough to make particles of asbestos airborne. Once in the air, humans can readily inhale the asbestos-laden dust. Asbestos has been shown to cause lung cancers such as mesothelioma. A lung condition known as ‘asbestosis’ may also arise from long-term exposure. Frequently, symptoms of asbestos exposure do not readily materialize, but may not occur for 20 or 30 years. After such a long duration, it is often hard for the person to tell where his asbestos exposure occurred if he has lived in numerous older homes or worked in a field such as shipbuilding which put many at risk for asbestos ingestion. If your dream home might have asbestos, you will need to have a home inspector look over the residence thoroughly to determine if anything in the house might hold the potential of carrying asbestos. If asbestos is found in the home, you will need to have asbestos abatement performed by a professional. At Construction 911, we can help you learn more about asbestos abatement. Please contact us with any...

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The Top 4 Reasons to Use Professional Assistance for Water Damage Repair

After a flood, whether it’s a pipe bursting in your home, a washing machine incident that went unnoticed when you weren’t at home, or a flood that had your entire neighborhood evacuated, your expenses are clearly adding up fast. Water damage repair is the first priority. You know that you need to take care of it fast, but you may find yourself wondering how much help you really need. After all, it’s just drying things out, right? However, there are four key reasons why water damage repair might be best left to the professionals. You can’t always know where moisture will hide. There are cracks and crevices, layers of flooring, and all sorts of places that you might not even think about water lingering long after the flood itself is over. Unless you have experience with all the ways water damage can linger, use a professional service to help locate all the hidden flood damage in your home before it becomes a real problem. Mold develops fast. The biggest hazard of water damage is the mold that follows it. While your home will eventually dry out, the mold that’s left behind can damage your family’s health for a long time to come. Don’t change it! Take professional steps to clear up the water damage and remove mold from your home before you have to live with the consequences. Professionals have better equipment. There’s nothing that you can pick up fast from Home Depot or borrow from your buddy down the street that will help dry out your home like the equipment the professionals have on hand. You need industrial strength fans, moisture removal methods that work, and the proven experience of years in the business. Professionals have done this before. They know how to make it easy, and they know how to do it right. If you’re fumbling around in the dark, you might discover that you’re causing as much damage as you’re fixing–and that means an even heftier cleanup bill at the end of the day. Instead, work with a professional to ensure that you’re really fixing your home, not just making matters worse. They also don’t have personal involvement. While it might be devastating to you to see your family’s possessions soaked and scattered, professionals have seen it all before, and they can fix it up more efficiently. Hiring a professional could be the best thing you do for your home and your family following a flood. Ready to hire a professional to help with your water damage repair? Contact us today to learn how we can fix up your water damage and get your home looking like new...

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